5 reasons your business NEEDS a logo


How many times have you met someone who has the classic “deadfish” handshake and you think to yourself, “WHY?”  At least that’s what goes through my head in that scenario, why would you want to have that be your first impression? Well your logo is kind of like that, if you don’t have a professional logo, or say designed it yourself in Word, your potential customers are going to be asking themselves “why”?  That is if they think about your brand for more than two seconds before moving on to someone who looks like they can deliver quality products or services.

There is a direct correlation between the professionalism of your logo/branding and your customers’ expectations. If you invest in your branding that investment will provide continuous returns to your business for the duration of its life. The ROI of design can be hard to track because there are little to no metrics to measure against, but I assure you it’s very real. A strong brand can and should inspire customers, who have no prior knowledge or experience with your company, to believe that you deliver an amazing product or service.



In the noisy world of brands and business, a unique logo could be the thing that differentiates your business from the competition. A great logo is a teaser for your customers, enticing them with thoughts and emotions of what your brand has in store when they do business with you. 



As much as we try not to judge a book by its cover, it’s next to impossible not to. A brand that shouts “quality” with its very existence is directly tied to your customers’ opinion of the quality of your business’ goods or services. So this means when you have an awesome logo, you can charge more and make more of that cash moneyyyy…high five!



The more often you see a logo, the stronger the relationship and association you have to purchase that brand. Think the “M” for McDonalds, or even the color red on a soda can for a Coke (even if it’s not). Poorly designed logos generally receive a lower rate of association, which in turn means that you have to spend more money to gain even close to the same level of brand awareness as a professionally designed brand.



Like I mentioned before, your logo is the first impression your business makes to new customers… but it doesn’t stop there, it’s easily the most recognizable and remembered piece of your business. 

You can create brand equity by offering goods or services that leave a lasting impression of excellence in quality and reliability. All of this comes full circle back to ensuring that your brand is easily recognizable. It seems obvious, but let’s just go on record to say that your logo is the key to leaving a lasting impression with consumers. 



If you have a strong logo, chances are you’re a proud business owner who takes pride in what you do. This energy transfers to your customers, and customers who are proud of brands, tell more people…which in turn means more referrals and business for you! These customers are also likely to remain loyal to your business and not go with Joe Blow down the street because you’ve already earned their trust around your brand.